Letters Written by Benjamin Franklin Lutman
to his sister during the Civil War
The Civil War in Morgan County MO$20.00
Civil War Diary of William H. Kavanaugh$20.00
Morgan County History 1833 - 1910 by Prudence Williams$20.00
History of Versailles & Morgan County by Bill & Dorothy Williams$5.00
Morgan County History & Other Articles by Dorothy Bartram and others$5.00
History of Morgan County MO Vol. 1  (hard bound history and family book)$100.00
History of Morgan County MO Vol. 2  (hard bound history and family book)$75.00
Railroads in Morgan County MO$10.00
The Morgan County MO County Home or Poor Farm$5.00
Mills in Morgan County MO$10.00
Recipes to Remember - Fall Cookbook$5.00
A Few Facts About Barnett MO (This booklet is what one traveling reporter experienced on a one day stop over from the train)$2.00

Contact the Morgan County Museum at 573-378-5530
for ordering and shipping information.
Books are available at the museum.

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